Capabilities of Ololoid Meme Generator app:

The app includes a whole variety of capabilities and includes both a meme creation model and many other interesting creatives. Each of them has its own unique tools, which allows you to create really unique and various creatives within the chosen topic. You may use your own pics or use our templates to create memes and demotivators.
We instantly extend and update the app’s capabilities, so the number of options is growing all the time. Follow our news, and we will always surprise you!
Creation of memes
Creation of demotivators and motivators
  • One-click switching between the creation of both demotivators and motivators.
  • Flexible and dynamic text positions – both for the heading and ordinary line.
  • Saving your work, sharing it in social networks or other applications in your device.
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Other capabilities:
  • Ready-made categorized templates consisting of more than 900.
  • Capability to upload and crop any image from your device
  • Internet search is a unique tool, which allows you to find a desired image without exiting the application, and starting using it in the application with several clicks.
  • Saving all done works in a special section of your application, including the capability to delete and send them again into social networks or other apps in your device.
  • Upload of own templates.
  • Add templates to your favorites, so you can easily use them later.